Power Range


Born from BorgWarner’s experience in highly boosted, highly efficient commercial engines, the compressors in EFR turbochargers offer exceptional efficiency, range/width and pressure ratio (boost) capability.

  • Range: 62 mm OD (~50 mm inducer) to 91 mm OD (~68 mm inducer)


EFR turbine wheels are made from titanium aluminide (or Gamma-Ti). Not quite ceramic and not quite metal, the material is very light-weight and demonstrates excellent strength at high temperatures. Because EFR turbine wheels weigh 50% less than typical turbine wheels, less energy is required to spin up the wheel, allowing the turbocharger to respond faster. BorgWarner EFR turbochargers also feature the newest “super back” and “fullback” turbine designs for high-boost, high-efficiency applications.

  • Polish Range: 58 mm OD to 80 mm OD


BorgWarner engineers pair compressors and turbines to maintain optimal flow for the fastest response. In addition, a range of turbine housing A/R’s are available so that you can dial in your desired power range based on your application.

The chart below displays the rated peak horsepower capability for each EFR turbocharger (click to enlarge).

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